Unique Sound Wave Art


Sound Wave Art provides the one-of-a-kind experience of transforming your music, voice or any sound into customized art.

Music, your voice, like a signature, produces its own specific pattern, giving you the option to design a genuinely customized and one-of-a-kind present. Our Sound Wave Art series is ideal for that unique piece of wall art.

Using your imagination, we will help to create magnificent wall art with your adorable pet, this Sound Wave Art will last for generations!

A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

Thing of Knowledge

Soundwave or Sound Wave may refer to Acoustic wave, the wave which carries sound.

Sound waves above 20 kHz are known as ultrasound and are not audible to humans. Sound waves below 20 Hz are known as infrasound. Different animal species have varying hearing ranges.

You can check what the sound frequencies of your pet are able to hear.